Hi there. My name’s Bob Buckley

I’m a Business Coach and Mentor.

…and I’m also the creator of Predictable Client Flow.

That’s my name for the unique Client Journey Blueprint I created, that gives Expert B2B Consulting Firms, Creative Agencies and Training Companies a strategy and a roadmap for creating a predictable and consistent stream of perfect prospects and “best-fit” clients.

I teach inspirational service providers and open-minded expert-business owners to find and keep better clients without wasting time, money and effort on “Random Acts of Marketing and Sales.”

And I work intimately with my coaching clients, who need a confidential space and a safe sounding board, to work through their own mindset challenges and inner blockages…

…with a coach who they trust and a mentor who has been where they’ve been.

My coaching style is challenging, heart-centred and transformative – I work best with straight-talking entrepreneurs and business leaders who are driven by growth, contribution, purpose and value.

On top of my business coaching and training programs, I also help growing small businesses build effective, engaged marketing and sales teams so they can scale predictably using the talent management tools, training and insights required to successfully attract, hire and retain the very best people who naturally thrive in their organisation.

“The Purpose of a Business is to Find and Keep Clients” – that’s what Peter Drucker knew.

And that’s exactly why I started this business.

To make it easier for expert business owners, just like you, to develop the mindset, the strategy, the systems and the skills to predictably and consistently get great clients on tap and build a business based on value, purpose, relationships and leadership – of yourself, your staff and your clients.


– 10 years Certified Predictive Index Consultant

– Creator of The Predictable Client Flow Blueprint™

– 15 years as an expert entrepreneur and service-based business owner

– 10k hours creating and delivering workshops & training to C-Level

– €1million of coaching, consulting and training sold over the last 15 years

– Coached, trained and mentored over 3,000 professionals since 2003

– Founded & grew Language Training Company to €30k monthly recurring + 5 Employees

– 7 years Inbound Marketing Consultancy – 100,000+ visitors to client sites + 1,000’s leads

– Clients have included BP, ANF, URENCO, GE, VW, EMP, and others you’ve probably never heard of.